Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug

Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - 3/4 View
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug

For many many years I’ve wished Begali would produce a bug to match the rest of their Sculpture line of keys. I have the Begali Sculpture Iambic and Sculpture Mono keys that I LOVE.

Well here it is! The Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug, Serial Number 008!! In March of 2022 Begali announced the Sculpture Galaxy. There was a bit of sticker shock with this one. Blame it on inflation, supply chains, or key complexity…. I believe this is the most expensive key Begali has ever offered at over $1100 US. After getting permission from the CFO (XYL), I immediately emailed Bruna Begali and was put on the list.

Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - Side View
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug

You will recognize the main workings of the Galaxy match that of the Intrepid bug. I can’t attest to all of the differences, but I believe there are certainly differences in material. The base is the same machined steel that the other Sculpture keys have and is HEAVY. This one weighs in at an incredible 6.5 lbs! I joked in another recipient’s Facebook post that we finally figured out why the Sculpture Galaxy is so heavy: “Despite their difficulty to photograph, you can clearly see there is a black hole at the center of this Galaxy!

Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - Bottom View
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug S/N-008
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - S/N-008

I must say it the looks of the Galaxy are stunning, just as with the other Sculpture keys. Having three Sculptures lined up next to one another is something to see.

Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug with Sculpture Mono and Sculpture Iambic Keys
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug with Sculpture Mono and Sculpture Iambic Keys

I’ve not had the pleasure of using a Begali Intrepid bug for comparison. But I can tell you the Sculpture Galaxy has a very delicate and precise feel, just like all Begali Keys. Adjustments are very fine. With the help of some YouTube videos and the documentation included with the key, I’ve been able to fine tune this instrument to where it sends fantastic code. Any errors are my own!

Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - Front View
Begali Sculpture Galaxy Bug - Top View

It turns out their initial production was just eleven Galaxy bugs! Depending on supply chain issues, further key production wont occur for another three months. As of this writing, this key does not yet show up on the Begali website.

I’ll be enjoying this fine instrument until I go SK! Thanks to Piero, Bruna and everyone at Begali for making my dream a reality!

73 Paul N6EV

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