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Bunnell Legless Pattern Steel Lever Key (Solid Base), ca. 1881

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This is a rather rare legless solid base Bunnell Steel Lever Key, ca 1881. If you're familiar with the traditional looking J38 style straight key, this is the key that started it all. On Feburary 15, 1881, Jesse H. Bunnell was issued a patent for the steel lever key, one of the few revolutionary changes in straight key design since telegraph was invented. Prior to this design, brass levers with steel trunions dominated straight key designs which were prone to working loose over time. The one piece steel lever solved that big issue. A design so successful, it's still used today. This classic looking straight key is truely one of those evolutionary moments in time. If you'd like to read more about the evolution of the 'Triumph' style key, The Evolution of a Triumph by J. Casale, W2NI is a very informative article. And here is a link to the Jesse Bunnell's patent for the steel lever.

I haven't done a lot to this key since acquiring it. Along with the Feb 16, 1875 patent Bunnel spring post sounder, it needs a thorough cleaning. It's complete except for the missing circuit closer knob. The sounder terminals are not original as they should be the fancy style shown on the similar sounder shown with the skeleton version of the steel lever key in my collection. The key and sounder are paired on a board of unknown vintage. I'm sure this was a common practice for roving telegraphers, as in the case of a sports reporter. I have a few of these paired telegraph sets (as opposed to a Key On Board setup). Although still very dirty, you can see the wood used pre-1900 was beautiful and high quality. Something you don't see in later twentieth century sounders.

If you're hunting for one of these rare gems, here are identifying characteristics of this key:

If you're hunting for one of these sounders, here are identifying characteristics:

This key actually has a very pleasent action and I enjoy using it on the air regularly.

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