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Bunnell Camelback KOB, ca. 1878

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This is currently my oldest key, and favorite straight key at the moment. It's a Bunnell Camelback KOB (Key on Board) produced around 1878. Everything is original on this set except the button, which was replaced with a more modern black bakelite version. The spring is also missing from the sounder. Otherwise it is fully functional. As you can see, the wood grain is stunning. There is a bit of green paint splatter that I have yet to remove. I want to be careful not to damage the finish on the wood and haven't yet figured out which method to use. I'll also eventually put the proper period correct brown button in place when I find one.

This key is my favorite straight key for a number of reasons. The feel and action of this key is outstanding. This is particularly amazing not only because of its age, but also because there is no spring adjustment! I have a beehive type spring in place at the moment and it provides the perfect resistance to allow very free motion and very fast CW to be sent.

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