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1926 Vibroplex Blue Racer 'Deluxe' Hybrid

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This is a rather rare Vibroplex. It's a 1926 Blue Racer, with a nickle plated standard sized base. I say 'Deluxe' in quotes because technically Vibroplex did not name these nickle plated models deluxe in 1926 as they do the chrome models today. The red fingerpieces are not original but in the spirit of the newer deluxe models. These photos show the as-found condition of this key. The base is pitted and tarnished. There is an extra weight added which is heavily oxidized. Purchased at a local antique swap meet in 1999 for $40!

I have since cleaned up this key and replaced the broken red finger pieces with modern black replacements to get the key back on the air. I'll get updated photos up soon.

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