The “River of Doubt” Bug – A fascinating history – 1920


“The River of Doubt” Bug – A Key with a fascinating story to tell! A treacherous 1926 expedition down ‘The River of Doubt’in the Amazon jungle following Teddy Roosevelt’s steps…

Vibroplex Original (1920) – “The River of Doubt” Bug

This bug’s story is so detailed and fascinating, I would do it injustice to attempt to convey it here on the homepage. I’m still compiling the significant and well documented history of this bug, the owner and the adventure he undertook. CLICK HERE to be taken to a directory containing the historical images, newspaper articles and documents related to this key that have been collected so far.

I am in the process of writing a detailed article for future publication. Here is a sneek preview of my DRAFT work in progress: DRAFT ARTICLE.

Sample document: New York Times article from July 18, 1926 announcing The River of Doubt Expedition.

Bottom of the 1920 Vibroplex Original inscribed by the owner, Eugene Bussey, Amateur Callsign: 2CIL

Eugene Bussey, 2CIL

Eugene Bussey, 2CIL